Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Favourite Destinations of Wedding Photographer in London

When it comes to wedding photography in London, there’s simply no limit to places and locations. Thanks to the cosmopolitan nature of this global city, it nests some of the best venues that are there to be utilized to capture mesmerising photos. 

Here are a few spots in the city that always find a mention on the list of wedding photographer London.

1. The London Bridge:- What Statue of Liberty is to New York, is exactly what the London Bridge is to London. It is one of the most scenic places which anyone across the globe can relate to. The bridge serves as a perfect podium to capture stunning images amidst the most iconic structures, the city has on offer.

2. The London Eye:- A massive structure that defines city’s skyline, the eye not only provides a panoramic view to viewers, but also gives wedding photographer ample reasons to smile. Thanks to this iconic architectural marvel, couples get the best shots documenting their wonderful moments with the whole city spread out in the backdrop.

3. St. Paul’s Cathedral:- Another place that beautifully captures the soul of this city happens to be St. Paul’s Cathedral. Photographers and couples looking to capture the true heritage of the city in their snaps and albums don’t usually miss out on this location. The Cathedral offers some of the most majestic backdrops in the London.

4. Pubs and stores:- Sprinkled all over the city, these pubs and stores do help one capture the true essence of city’s cultural heritage. The antique decor and ambience they possess help the couples and photographers to lend-in a touch of antiquity to the whole wedding album.

5. Streets:- The city is home to some of the best streets that offer a vast variety of choices to Wedding photographer London. From the wonderful King’s road to One Aldwych, the city offers a superb background for shutterbugs to document perfect shots with utmost ease. 

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